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Fast Approaching 100 years of The Empire Club!

It is with great pride and joy that we are approaching the 100th anniversary of our Empire Club. For nearly a century, our club has brought together people from all walks of life, creating lifelong friendships, and making cherished memories.

Founded in 1924, our club was initially formed as a way for members to gather and socialise, share stories, and discuss current events. Over the years, our club has evolved into much more than that. We have become a community, a family of individuals who support and care for each other.

As we look back on the last 100 years, we are grateful for the many people who have contributed to making our club what it is today. From the founders who had the vision to create this space to the members who have served on committees and boards, organised events, and volunteered their time, our club would not be where it is today without their efforts.

Throughout the years, our club has hosted a variety of events, from dances and dinners to golf tournaments and charity fundraisers, boxing matches, comedy nights and all those years of football highs and lows. We have celebrated milestones and achievements, and mourned the loss of those who have passed on. Through it all, our club has remained a constant, a place where members can come together to share in both good times and bad.

As we celebrate our club's centennial, we look forward to continuing to build on the legacy that has been created. We are committed to making our club an even better place for future generations, ensuring that the spirit of camaraderie and friendship will continue to thrive for another hundred years.

So, to all of our members, past and present, we say thank you. Thank you for making our club what it is today, and for being a part of this amazing community!


In the coming year, we will be hosting a variety of fundraising events to be able to give the Empire Club the TLC it deserves by upgrading as much of it we possibly can with the funds we raise. We would like to ask all of our current members and community, to support us as much as possible with these events so we can continue to provide the same community spirit and warming atmosphere we have done, for the past 100 years!

Yours Faithfully,

The Empire Club Committee 2023

Fundraising for decorating and upgrades underway!

2023 will see us continue to upgrade parts of the Empire Club but we need help! Please continue to support us with some of the events we will be looking to hold this year. Further details will be announced on here and out Facebook page.

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We have received many comments on the current decor of the Empire Club from both Members and visitors alike in the past few years. We have recognised there are many areas which are long overdue an upgrade or a fresh lick of paint but they don't come cheap and need some careful consideration.

2021 our central heating boiler was no longer safe or efficient to run so we made the decision to install a brand new modern condensing boiler to continue to provide the club with a warm cozy environment to socialise in.


2022 we had a breakdown of our glass washer which ultimately needed replacing at a substantial cost. we addressed the most safety critical elements which needed attention such as the floor in the 'Sports Bar' or main hall area as it started to become a trip hazard, the concrete surface around the side gate where deliveries are made was also severely damaged and needed resurfacing.


We will look to continue to review areas which need urgent attention and prioritise accordingly. One of the difficulties we will endure is the significant funding to be able to redecorate the whole club in one go so please bare with us as it may take a while to get round to everything.


Covid-19 and and now the overall cost of living is having a profound effect on all small businesses including ours. There will be a couple of fund-raising events we will look to hold across the year of 2023 and appreciate any help which may be given! Please feel free pop any comments in the suggestions box within the club on what you would like to see improved next and we can discuss these in future meetings.

The Empire Club Committee.

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